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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Review: Mine to Tarnish by Janeal Falor

Title: Mine to Tarnish
Author: Janeal Falor
Series: Mine #0.5
Publication: December 2, 2013
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing
Source: Purchased
Genre: YA Fantasy
Audience: 14+


Katherine’s place is the same as any woman’s—on the shelf next to the dresses and bolts of cloth. When she’s sold to a warlock, life grows even bleaker. Her new owner is as old and rancid as he is cruel, driving her to do the unthinkable: run.

Nothing prepared her for being on her own. And she’s definitely unprepared for the warlocks hunting her down. But she must stay one step ahead because if caught, the best she can hope for is death.

My Thoughts: Katherine's plight is a normal one for her society. She has come of age and has had her magic tested. She has been sold to on eligible warlock. No consideration has been made as to if this will be a good match; women are to do as they are told. Katherine's mother knows just how cruel warlocks can be. She sets things in place for Katherine to escape. Once on her one Katherine must decide who she can trust and the the safest place for her to go. 

This is a quick read and excellent introduction to the Mine Series. I really felt for Katherine and think I would have made the same decision to run that she did. I wanted something different for Katherine in the end but it was her decision to make. 

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