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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Once Upon a Time

Author: Niki Daly

Illustrator: Niki Daly
Title:Once Upon a Time
Publication: August 1, 2004
Publisher: Frances Lincoln
Genre: Children
Pages: 32
Audience: 5 and up
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Public Library

Synopsis (from the cover): Sarie doesn't mind the long walk to school under the hot South African sun. But there is something worrying her in class. Every time Mr. Adonis says, "Children, take out your reading books," Sarie feels sick. The letters in the book all run together, tripping her up so that she stumbles and falters, and the girls in the back of the class always make fun of her. Only Sarie's old friend Auntie Anna seems to understand that letters and words can be difficult thing to grasp. Every Sunday afternoon, Auntie Anna waits for Sarie in her beat-up, wheel-less old car. With Sarie in the driver's seat, the two of them take long imaginary trips filled with Auntie Anna's stories of the days when she was young. Then one day, Sarie discovers an old book stuck under the backseat, and Auntie Anna says they'll read the book together. And that they do--many times, until the letters than once confused Sarie begin to seem friendly. Friendly enough, even that when Sarie has to read for her class and the principal she silences the girls behind her with her newly found confidence.

My thoughts:
I know this book is a little older, but it was on the top picks display at the public library. It loved the art so I had to read the book. It is about Sarie who cannot read well. Her parents had her later in their lives and are always napping and not really helping her with anything. Auntie Anna is like a mom to Sarie and listens to her problems and tries to help her solve them. Auntie Anna is a bit eccentric and likes to sit in her old rusted car that won't go anywhere. Even though the car does not run, it does take Anna and Sarie on adventures. After Sarie finds a book wedge between the back seat, Anna and Sarie read the book together and go an amazing adventure. This book helps kids understand that reading is hard, but don't give up. No matter how much you are bullied, someone does love you and believes in you. Even though it is tough now, reading will help you get through life no matter what. I strongly recommend this sweet, uplifting book.

1 comment:

  1. This book deals with bullying which is a continuing problem now days,k so even if older book the content is revelent and children should know and read about bullying so they can take a stand and not be a part of bullying of any type..