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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Audio Review: Strangeletts by Michelle Gagnon

Title: Strangelets
Author: Michelle Gagnon
Narrator: Rebecca Gible
Publisher: AudioGO
Format: Unabridged Audio
Length: 8 hrs: 46 mins
Publication: April 9, 2013
Source: Publisher
Genre: Science Fiction, YA, Suspense

17-year-old Sophie lies on her deathbed in California, awaiting the inevitable loss of her battle with cancer…

17-year-old Declan stares down two armed thugs in a back alley in Galway, Ireland…

17-year-old Anat attempts to traverse a booby-trapped tunnel between Israel and Egypt…

 All three strangers should have died at the exact same moment, thousands of miles apart. Instead, they awaken together in an abandoned hospital—only to discover that they’re not alone. Three other teens from different places on the globe are trapped with them. Somebody or something seems to be pulling the strings. With their individual clocks ticking, they must band together if they’re to have any hope of surviving. 

Soon they discover that they've been trapped in a future that isn't of their making: a deadly, desolate world at once entirely familiar and utterly strange. Each teen harbors a secret, but only one holds the key that could get them home. As the truth comes to light Sophie, Declan, Anat, and the rest must decide what to do with a second chance at life—if they can survive to claim it.

My Thoughts: 

Strangelet is a hypothetical particle consisting of a bound state of roughly equal numbers of up, down, and strange quarks. Its size would be a minimum of a few femtometers across (with the mass of a light nucleus). Once the size becomes macroscopic (on the order of metres across), such an object is usually called a quark star or "strange star" rather than a strangelet. *Wikipedia*.

This is a very interesting story.  Sophie is prepared to die. Declan is working to buy a nice gift for his girlfriend. Anat is escaping to be with the one she loves. None of them end up where they planned and embark on a mission to be reunited with there loved ones. 

I was immediately drawn to all six characters. It's not often that that happens. I was a little leery of one of the characters due to her lack of information sharing. The world they have been drawn into is very strange. It looks familiar but when bears are running in terror for their lives you know something is wrong. 

This story is very fast paced. Behind every turn is an obstacle more suspenseful than the last. I enjoyed this story and was very glad that there was a proglogue. I would have been up set if it had just ended and I didn't know what became of each character. 

This an unabridged single voiced audio. The original work is very appropriate for audio adaptation. Rebecca Gible did an excellent job with the narration. She accents sound authentic and it was easy to identify each character.  Pacing was maintained throughout the production and the plot flows without interruption. I didn't have any concerns with the sound quality. 

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  1. It sounds like a sci-fi book version of Saw. Sounds a bit scary. I may suggest it to Cutie though. Think he would like it?