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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Black Heart by Holly Black, (Audiobook)

Author: Holly Black
Narrator: Jesse Eisenberg
Title:Black Heart Curse Workers Book 3
Publication: April 10, 2012
Publisher: Listening Library
Genre: Fantasy, Young Adult
Pages: 304
Length: 6 hours and 33 Minutes
Audience: 15 and up
Rating: 4 out of 5
Source: Public Library

Synopsis (from the cover):

In a world where magic is illegal, Cassel Sharpe has the most deadly ability of all. With one touch, he can transform any object- including a person- into something else entirely. And that makes him a wanted man. The Feds are willing to forgive all his past crimes if he'll only leave his con artist family behind and go straight. But why does going straight feel so crooked? 
For one thing, it mean being on the opposite side of the law from Lila, the girl he loves. She's the daughter of a mob boss and thought Cassel is pretty sure she can never love him back, he can't stop obsessing over her. Which would be bad enough, even if her father wasn't keeping Cassel's mother prioner until she returns the priceless diamond she scammed off of him ears ago. Too bad she can;'t remember where she put it.
The Feds say they need Cassel to get rid of a powerful man who is spinning dangerously out of control. But if they want Cassel to use his unique talent to hurt people, what separates the good guys from the bad ones? With no easy answers and no one he can trust, love might be the most dangerous gamble of all.
My thoughts:
The book starts off a bit slow. It seemed to be about the same pace as the others, but the last few discs had some action to them! I was shocked by the actions Cassel takes and the events that unfold for Cassel and his friends. This book was the perfect ending. However, Holly Black crafted the book so that if she decides to visit Cassel Sharpe and his friends again, she can. If she chooses not to write anymore Curse Worker books, this book won't leave you hanging off a cliff, but you'll wonder about a few things that were left open. As I mentioned before, this book is the most action packed. Cassel and Sam are up to their usual crazy shenanigans again. Sam and Danica are having some major relationship issues, so are Cassel and Lila. Then there is the Feds and the crime families, as well as Cassel's family thrown into the mix. As well as crazy dude and an unusual mystery to solve. It is a great book to end the series with and makes the books worth the read.

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