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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Audio Review: Mirage by Jen Reese

Title: Mirage
Author: Jen Reese
Narrator: Kate Rudd
Publisher: Candlewick on Brilliance Audio
Format: Unabridged Audio
Length: 8 hrs 2 mins
Publication: March 12, 2013
Source: Library
Genre: Middle Grade

Synopsis: The desert is no place for ocean-dwelling Kampii like Aluna and Hoku, especially now that Aluna has secretly started growing her tail. But the maniacal Karl Strand is out to conquer the Above World, and the horselike Equians are next on his list. Aluna, Hoku, and their friends — winged Calli and Equian exile Dash — race to the desert city of Mirage, intent on warning the Equians. When they arrive, Strand’s clone, Scorch, has gotten there first. Now the Equian leader has vowed to take all his people to war as part of Strand’s army. Any herd that refuses to join him by the time of the desert-wide competition known as the Thunder Trials will be destroyed. To have any chance of defeating Scorch and convincing the Equians to switch sides, the four friends must find a way to win the Trials. The challenge seems impossible. But if they fail, the desert — and possibly all of the Above World — will be lost to Karl Strand forever. Here is the action-packed follow-up to Above World, which Kirkus Reviews called "a thrilling sci-fi adventure. Imaginative and riveting.

My Thoughts: Aluna sets out on her mission to warn all everyone about Karl Strand and his plan to take over. Aluna's stubbornness again lands her and her friends in big trouble. She must find away to save the lives of herself and her friend all the while keeping a big secret from everyone. Will Aluna put her turst in others or continue to put on the face of strength? This is a wonderful read about friendship, courage, and determination. There is a lot of action that will keep the reader turning the pages and wanting more. Great read over all and perfect for middle graders. 

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