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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Gotham City Sirens Volume 3: Strange Fruit

Author: Tony Bedard and Peter Calloway
Illustrators: Andres Guinaldo, Jeremy Haun, Lorenzo Ruggiero, Bit, Jeremy Haun, Walden Wong, JD Smith, Tomeu Morey, Steve Wands, Travis Lanham, Dave Sharpe, Guillem March
Title:Gotham City Sirens Volume 3: Strange Fruit
Publication: July 3, 2012
Publisher: DC Comics
Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Villains
Pages: 144
Audience: 16 and up
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Purchased

Synopsis (from the cover):
Poison Ivy's long charmed the men of Gotham City, but now she's the one losing her mind. Captivated with a plant-based alien inside S.T.A.R. Labs, she weds her cause to his and undertakes a Plantifest Destiny that leaves no room for humans- no even her sisters-in-crime, Catwoman and Harley Quinn try to tear their friend's heart away from the alien menace, but they'll all find out how slowly the threat of love dies.
An underworld plot to kidnap Catwoman and pluck her beloved Batman's identity from her mind shakes the Sirens. As the sworn enemy of Ivy and Harley's ex the Joker- whom she swears she's over- the Dark Knight will always divide the three, and Catwoman's feelings have been barely tolerated to this point. So when Talia Al Ghul and Zatanna rush in to help save Selina, it's not exactly clear who's doing the saving and who's doing the hurting.

My thoughts:
This graphic novel was harder for me to read. I guess because there is only one more graphic novel of Gotham City Sirens and then that is it. Recently, DC Comics rebooted all their characters and story lines. This gives new readers a chance to jump in and not be behind or not  know what the heck is going on. Gotham City Sirens was sadly canceled due to the reboot, which is labeled as the "New 52". Batwoman was a reboot, Batgirl has been rebooted with Barbara Gordon as Batgirl. I admire Barbara Gordon, she is librarian by day and Batgirl by night. Anyway, I'm really sad because the series is about to close. This graphic novel is set up to help the last one bring everything to a close. Strange Fruit helps start a fracture line in the friendship the ladies had created. It was really sad to see that. I'm one of the optimistic people who want to see the good in everyone, plus I just love these characters and want to see more from them. However, no one wants to write comics on just Harley Quinn or Poison Ivy...Catwoman had plenty of comics about her. The artwork for this graphic novel was a bit different. I didn't know Selina was "dreaming" and I thought the artwork had just gone from excellent to crappy. Once, I realized it was a dream sequence and was foggy to help separate reality from dream that cleared everything up. The storyline is awesome even if it is setting up for the ending, and the artwork is always fantastic. I cannot express how much I want everyone to go out and get these comics. They are easy to read, beautiful, funny, and just a great fun read.


  1. Good review, you make me want to read these even if just for the pictures.

  2. Sounds great! These reviews are very interesting... I have this series on my to-read list, and will get them shortly.

  3. Awww! YAY! I strongly recommend renting them from the library if you can. The first one is $60-$90 on Amazon.