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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Review: E is for Eggplant by Buddy Mays

Title: E is for Eggplant
Author: Buddy Mays
Publication: July 26, 2012
Publisher: Earthworm Publishing
Source: Author
Genre: Children’s
Audience: 4 and up

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Yams in disguise, zucchinis in bikinis, corn being cool, green onions with grins, all make learning the alphabet loads of fun for young readers. Wonderfully written and illustrated by author and prize-winning photographer Buddy Mays, E is for Eggplant, is a fun, funny book of rhymes and pictures that every child will want to hear and see over and over. Great for teaching kids about scrumptious healthy foods and their ABCs at the same time.

My Thoughts: I was not sure how this book would go over at my house. It was a hit. Jessie (my official unofficial assistant reviewer) loved this book. We had to read it 5 times back to back. The pictures are incredible. Jessie loved the faces in the fruits and vegetables. She also noticed a little frog and it became a game to find the frog in every picture (I had not noticed the frog when I looked over the book). Jessie and I talked about each of the fruits and veggies pictures and she is interested in trying a few of them out. We also spent a good bit of time laughing at the pictures and making our own jokes. The ABC's have never been so fun. This is a fun and educational read. If you have children this will be a great edition to your child's reading collection. 


  1. The cover looks very cheesy to me. I guess the premise will work for children but I really think more effort should've been made on the cover.

  2. All the photos were like the one on the cover. This would not have been my pick, but, Jessie loved it. That's all that matters. We have read it a couple more time since then

  3. I bet you and Jessie enjoyed making up jokes for the book. It is really creepy. I remember checking it out. I'm glad Jessie has been enjoying it though.

  4. This seems like a cute book, I bet my niece would love it. Thanks for reviewing it.