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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Chi's Sweet Home Volume 3

Author: Konami Kanata

Illustrator: Konami Kanata
Title: Chi's Sweet Home Volume 1
Publication: October 19, 2010
Publisher: Vertical
Genre: Graphic Novel, Comic Book
Pages: 144
Audience: 10 and up
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Purchased

Synopsis (from the cover): Kitten rearing is something, but raising a street-smart feline in a building with a strict no-pets policy is another story altogether. When mentoring a curious kitty, tactful tabbies must teach with patience and a firm paw. Remember, cats are a special breed. While we can survive well enough on instinct, those same feline responses can lead to unwanted attention. This long-whiskered one recommends spending lots of time with your little fur balls, for the will intuitively look for mischief unless thoroughly entertained.

My thoughts:
So the graphic novels don't change much from volume to volume, but the storyline does develop, even if it is a bit slow. In this volume, Chi's new bff Blackie is showing Chi how to be street-smart and not get caught. The Yamadas are freaking out over the fact they may get caught with Chi and what should they do with her. They suggest giving her away, but Yohei is too attached at this point. There is plenty of humor in this one too, but it feels a bit more serious. Chi could be given a new home. This book focuses on losing and having to give up people and things you like and love. So the books have matured some, but there is still plenty of humor to make help balance the sadness.

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