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Friday, August 2, 2013

Interview with Author Elizabeth J. Kolodziej

About the Author
Three books into The Last Witch Series and Elizabeth J Kolodziej doesn't plan on stopping any time soon. With a new novella for Zout Tai out and a brand new Steampunk series being started she is far from having any free time. However, with help from new friends and the support of her family, Elizabeth plans on going for the marathon run, not the sprint.

Tell us about Vampyre Kisses & Gravely Inanimated?
Vampyre Kisses is an enthralling story about a young woman named Faith, who was content with her life, but deep down craved more excitement. Then a mysterious man named Trent enters her life and everything changes. Surprising to Faith, Trent is a green-eyed vampire from Ireland. She is even more surprised to find out that she is a witch, and the last of her kind.

Faith finds out that she is destined to restore her witch line and becomes more powerful as she gains confidence and knowledge, but danger lurks everywhere. Especially when unknown assailants steal the most important gems from the vampire master and werewolf royalty.

Now surrounded by a world full of mystifying vampires and werewolves, can Faith gain enough power to help her friends and rescue the stolen gems?

Gravely Inanimated Synopsis: 
It has been thirty years since England was plagued by zombies. Humans fear for their lives while the dead kill the living. By the cover of night, a man known only as Aeron hunts these creatures. On one foggy evening he finds Lucille Knight's life in jeopardy and Aeron's interest is instantly peaked when he saves the young lady. But Aeron will have competition when Lucy meets Lord Garrett Ashdown, son of the Inventor, Earl Thomas.  Lucy is drawn to the masked man and equally mysterious Lord. With one concealing his true identity and the other hiding a ghastly secret, she does not know which one is less dangerous. Will she be able to be with the man she chooses when she learns the awful truth?

 What inspired you to write in this genre?
I blame my mother. haha. I grew up around a household that was all about the supernatural. Especially vampires. Everyone always says to write what you know best and the supernatural is what I know best. :grin:

Are there any similarities between you and your characters?
I think always writers have some piece of themselves in their characters whether they mean to or not. I can't help but use my own experiences in life to begin a story. But from their it truly evolves into becoming their own person and that is when you should see them as an individual and when they start talking your ear off! 

 Favorite scene from your book?
My favorite scene from Vampyre Kisses is the battle Zou Tai and Trent must take on together. It was a scene that really furthered their relationship into something cordial. And cordial with vampires and werewolves is more than you can ask for! 
In Gravely Inanimated my favorite scene is when Lucy and Garrett are making shadow puppets in the bathroom. I know it sounds weird but I found it to be one of those parts that really bring two characters together in one scene. Though the editor loves the piano scene the best. 

 What do you feel is the hardest part about writing?
Writing. When people find out I'm an author it is the thing I hear the most. "I could be a writer but I just can't finish anything I start." Writing and keeping that writing going is the most difficult part of the process because it is very time consuming and you do give up and sacrifice other parts of your life, like the social, to get it done.

When you're not writing, what do you do to have fun?
Reading is very important to me because it is what really helps the imagination get sparked. But outside of that I love to just be with my friends and family. 

Are there any new projects in the works?
Tons! Dealing Death: A Tale of Mystery and Deception (book 2 in the zombiepunk series), Demonic Charms (book 4 in the last witch series), an erotica for my demonic cravings series, a novella for the dark carnival series and a couple shorts for The last witch series and Zombiepunk series. Tons tons tons to do! 

Thank you for having me on your blog. I can't wait to see what people think about these new books! 

Glad to have you!

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