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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Interview: Devya's Children Series by Julie C. Gilbert

Title: Ashlynn's Dreams

Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Series: Devya's Children
Publication: February 9, 2013

Synopsis: Before she was kidnapped, Jillian Marie Antel Blairington was just an average bright, brave, headstrong child. She was excited for life in a new house with her Momma and new Daddy. Afterward, she's all that ... and so much more.

Held in a scientific facility, Jillian discovers her past-a family she never knew and a power she doesn't understand. With her ability now activated, she can enter and even shape a person's dreams. Jillian's been kidnapped, and her Gift has been triggered, so she can locate and save Benjamin Connelly, a brother she never even knew she had. She'd better master this strange ability quickly, though, because her life isn't the only one at stake. Her babysitter, Danielle Matheson, is being held as a hostage to ensure Jillian's full cooperation. Slowly, Jillian begins to learn more about her captor and the other genetically altered children held at the facility.

Join Jillian as she tries to survive the training being forced upon her, find her unknown brother, escape with Danielle, and work her way back to a normal life once more.

Title: Ashlynn's Dreams

Author: Julie C. Gilbert
Series: Devya's Children

Publication: February 9, 2013

Jillian must enter Nadia's dreams to wake her from a mysterious coma. In Nadia's dreams, Jillian meets several versions of her sister, including the elegant Queen Elena, fierce Naidine, and heartbroken Nadie. Meanwhile, Danielle must save her friend Christy from making choices that could get them both killed.

Author Bio:
Julie lives in New Jersey and answers to Miss Gilbert a lot these days. She teaches chemistry during the school year then spends the summer months lost in books, both reading and writing.

Tell us something fun about you?
I'm pretty sure I've read over 500 Nancy Drew/ Hardy Boys books. 

What about "Ashlynn's Dreams" and "Nadia's Tears" makes them stand out?
In addition to featuring young people coming to grips with special powers, these books also give me the opportunity to talk about heavy issues like human trafficking.

Are there any similarities between you and your characters?
I like to think they get a lot of their intelligence from me. (The occasional stupid thing they do is all them.) A lot of my characters end up with a great sense of responsibility for others. I guess the teacher instinct in me can identify well with that notion. A bunch of the characters are "wired for good" and I can only hope that's something true for me. Thankfully, I haven't been placed in even a fraction of the danger they have, but hopefully, if push came to shove, I'd show as much courage as they do.

Are there any new projects in the works?
The third book in this series is in the proofreading stage. I also have another series that features a prince coming to grips with his destiny. 

What is the question that you wish interviewers would ask, and the answer to that question?
Do you have a favorite side character that you identify with?
It's really hard to just pick one, but I think I can understand Nadia's sense of responsibility for her siblings. 

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