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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Review: Bobby's Trials by Bobby Wilson

Title: Bobby's Trials
Author: Bobby Wilson
Publication: June 27, 2011
Publisher: Apache Publishing
Source: Author/Publisher
Genre: Biography, Memoirs
Audience: 17+

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A real-life, true crime, memoir about the incredible story of a poor teenage Oklahoma farm boy who was charged with murdering his mother and sister in cold blood and then burning down the family home in a supposed attempt to cover up his crimes and his ten-year court battle to clear his name.

In the early morning hours of June 19, 1963, just four days before he was to leave for basic training, Bobby Wilson was awakened by his mother.

She held a loaded gun to his head and had a crazy, yet familiar, look in her eyes. Alongside his sister, Bobby had suffered her rants for years, but tonight was different. Bobby knew without a doubt that the demons that his mother had struggled with for years had their sights on him.

He realizes he has nowhere to turn and nowhere to run, but he has no idea that the nightmare has just begun. It is a nightmare that changes the course of his life. It is a nightmare that will ultimately take Bobby ten years to wake up from.
My Thoughts: Bobby wasn't even 20 years old when life as he knew it ended. All of his hopes and dreams went up in smoke as his home burned to the ground. Bobby's determination allowed him to survive the impossible. 

I really enjoyed this read. Bobby's story is heart breaking yet encouraging. This is an incredible story. Bobby's childhood was utterly horrifying. It's hard to imagine that anyone went through those things and survived. Early on it was evident that Bobby's mother suffered from some sort of mental illness and harbored a deep hatred for and a need to be loved by men. Bobby's memory of the events leading to his mother and sister's death is clouded. As Bobby holds on to his truths and tries to clear his name he becomes a voice for those who like him had no voice. The family for those whose family is gone. He becomes the man he was determined to be despite how he was raised. I look forward to reading more from Bobby Wilson. 

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