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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Review: The Magical World of Flower Faires by Buddy Mays

Title: The Magical World of Flower Fairies
Author: Buddy Mays
Publication: July 16, 2012
Publisher: Earthworm Publishing
Source: Author
Genre: Children’s
Audience: 6 and up

Summary: Did you know that every time a caterpillar laughs out loud, a flower fairy is born? Or that Butterfly Tag is a favorite flower fairy game? Or that flower fairies are all girls because if there were boy flower fairies, they would always be sweaty and muddy and stinky and have worms in their pockets, and nobody would like that! 
Most people don’t realize it, but these tiny magical creatures—the most common of all fairies—inhabit many well-tended flower gardens—possibly even yours. In this delightful, beautifully-illustrated children’s book, fairy expert, author, and prize-winning photographer Buddy Mays, provides young and old readers with secrets to successful flower fairy watching.

My Thoughts: This is a very cute book. My assistant reviewer (my daughter) absolutely loved this book. We were both drawn to the book because of the intriguing cover. My favorite part is the beautiful and well thought out photography on every page. It is refreshing to see kind and generous qualities being encouraged. The tips on how to seek out flower fairies will keep a child busy for hours. Jessie wants to start a flower garden so that the flower fairies will move in. This will also make a cute personalized book. A child will love having their picture placed throughout the book. This is available as an e-book at a great price. `


  1. I am loving this cover...too cute. Heart fairies!

    1. You really love this one as the author is also a photographer and the photography is really cute.

  2. It is a very cute book! I love fairies as well. Too bad I don't have any little nieces running around to share this book with.