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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Thoughts on Leven Thumps Series by Obert Skye

How did you stumble across Leven Thumps?
Cricket: Um, I work in a library...and I'm always browse the childrens' department for something to listen to in car. Don't like having to hear all that radio repetition, it works my nerves after awhile.
Ashna: Cricket told me that I should listen to the audio. She knows that I spend an hour in the car daily and need new audios to listen to. 

Who is your favorite Character?Why?
Cricket: Clover! He is just so mischievous, adorable and funny. Love him!!
Ashna: I agree with Cricket. Clover is the best. You never know what he is going to say or do. (Or what his food will do to you)

What to you think the narrator's ability to portray the characters and Foo?
Cricket: I think E.B. Stevens does an awesome job of breathing life into the characters. Skye has created a wonderful fantasy world.
Ashna: He did an amazing job. All the characters are so real and distinctive.  

Do you think this works well in audio format?
Cricket: Yes, because I listened to all but one of the books, as the library didn't have them all and I found I preferred the audio. I think I was spoiled by that point, needed to hear all the sounds and different voices.

Ashna: Yes, Stevens gives so much life to the story. It's really a performance. 

Would you like to see this made into a movie?
Cricket: I think it would be a cute movie, if the right cast is found to pull it off. I was be thrilled to see Clover on the big screen. I was doing some research and saw that the author optioned away the movie rights,but nothing has happened yet. Excited!!
Ashna: Yes, I would love to see the characters come to life. Especially Clover.  

So, would you recommend this series?
Cricket: Definetly, there is even a spin-off series Beyond Foo, which follows Geth and Clover on new adventure. I think this whole series is great read for boys and girls. They will fall in love with the magic of Foo.
Ashna: Yes. This is a great series suitable for all ages. It has humor, mystery, suspense, and no series is complete with out a love interest. 

What would your sycophant be like?
Cricket: A male like Clover, with humor and cuteness. His name would be Bandit.
Ashna: I would want a female sycophant. A pale pink color. She needs to be fiesty yet sweet. She must to get along with Cricket's sycophant since they will be spending time together. We can't have them fighting. 

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  1. Ladies, y'all crack me up. I was wary about reading this "review" because I want to read the books as well. I started the audio from the public library and as you both know, the cd was horribly scratched. I may try to check it out again. I loved the audio, from what I got to hear.

  2. Well we do love a good laugh now and then. :)