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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Review: A Tale of the Other Kind by Leandi Cameron

Kai Emery likes to be indiscernible; however, his infatuation for his classmate, Sienna Fynn, has made his invisibility status all the more impossible to upkeep. His world spirals out of control when he discovers that he is a shapeshifting were-leopard, and finds himself unable to control his newfound anatomy.

An unpredictable vampire enters his life, leading him down a path that soon reveals his destiny, and discloses another world, filled with magic and terrifying darkness. When he finds himself in danger from the god of magic and darkness for disobeying a curse bestowed upon his kind, forbidding him from falling in love with a human, he has to fight for survival, and protect everyone that he loves.

Thoughts:Sienna is in a bad relationship and Kai wants desperately for her to realize she can do better and possibly with a guy like him. Yet, soon as things begin to look hopeful for the two of them, Kai discovers that he is not entirely human. Now, he's afraid that his change will make the one girl he cares about turn away from him. Sienna just wants him to trust her and believe that she can hold her own. Kai meets another shifter Astrid who tells him that he needs to stay away from Sienna otherwise it will not end well. She informs him that all of their kind is cursed to lose those they love.

I think the story is interesting take on the shapeshifter lore. Kai is an okay male lead and the story is told from his perspective.He does come off a  little slow to process things when he discovers his new abilities and what they mean for his future. Sienna comes off as vulnerable but with a hint of ferocity simmering beneath. The romance between Kai and Sienna is cute with just a little heat. What I do like about Kai is his capacity to love and the fact that he wants to take his time to get to know Sienna without rushing into anything too quickly. Overall, an okay read filled with fantasy, romance and bit of action. 

About the Author
Leandi Cameron is the author of Young Adult Paranormal Fantasy A Tale of the Other Kind series, starting with A Therian Novel. She is an award-winning journalist who grew up in the South of Johannesburg, and now lives in Brakpan, Ekurhuleni, South Africa, where she also spends her days working at Caxton Newspapers as the Assistant Editor for the Boksburg Advertiser. She has an Honours Degree in Journalism from Tshwane University of Technology. Cameron also co-owns House of LeaVik with her sister Vikki Rostoll-Olivier where she also dabbles in publishing, fashion and graphic design.

Author: Leandi Cameron 
Title: A Tale of the Other Kind
Series: Therian Novel
Publication: September 18, 2012
Publisher:  House of Leavik
Source: Author via Orangeberry Book Tours


  1. Sounds interesting. Thanks for the review.

  2. I've seen this book before but didn't really look into since it just felt "blah" to me. I'm glad to hear Kai doesn't rush Sienna because the whole "save from a bad relationship to be with me" gave off bad vibes.

    Thanks for your thoughts.

  3. What's not to like shapeshifters, romance, fantasy, and action? Sounds like a book I need to check out. Thanks so much for the preview and the review!

  4. I never know about this book. And now i know, thanks for sharing :)

  5. Kai sounds like such a sweetheart, I would love to read this book and find out how things turn out for these two :) Thanks for your review, hadn't heard about this one until now!

  6. I'd never heard of this one before, but the characters sound interesting, at least! Thanks for the review :)

  7. I just love how this cover looks! Thanks for the great review i love shifter types of books!

  8. Ooooh I just loved this book. Adventure, drama, humor and love all wrapped into one. I am looking forward to the second book.

  9. Wow, sounds interesting. I really like to cover too. Thanks for the review.

  10. Vampires and werewolves. A supernatural good time. I'm sorry you didn't like the book more. I haven't heard of it until now.

  11. Sounds somewhat interesting -- I enjoy reading shapeshifting stories that aren't just about werewolves. Doesn't sound like anything ground-breaking (honestly I'm getting tired of weres and vamps ALWAYS being in the same book), but I might pick it up for a quick read. Thanks for the review! :)

  12. Sounds like a good read, thanks for the review.

  13. Vampires and shape shifters... what more can anyone ask for?

    I love most books with a paranormal element, but shape shifters are my favorite. At least, today they are my favorite. Who knows how I'll feel tomorrow? LOL

    Thanks for a great review!

  14. Thanks for the review. I've been thinking about reading this but I've been kind of lukewarm about it. I'm still lukewarm about it actually :)

    1. That's was an okay read. Not exactly what I expected.