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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Review: Solid by Shelley Workinger

Title: Solid (Solid #1)
Author: Shelley Workinger
Publication: July 9, 2010
Publisher: CreateSpace
Source: Author (won in a Giveaway)
Genre: Young Adult
Audience: 13 and up

Solid Series Website|Amazon |Shelley's Blog|Goodreads

Clio Kaid may be 17 and just beginning the last summer before her senior year, but her life is anything but typical.

She's just discovered she was genetically altered before birth and is now headed to a top-secret Army campus to explore the surprising results of the experiment.
Follow Clio and the other teens as they develop fantastic super-abilities, forge new friendships, find love, and uncover a conspiracy along the way.

My Thoughts:  This is an incredible story. It has a great mix of mystery, romance, and suspense. It is plausible that some government personnel has or will take it upon themselves to test their theories on unsuspecting citizens. We have all heard of these theories, Roswell, Agent Orange, Operation Mockingbird, Manhattan Project, Oak Ridge... the list goes on and on. I digress this is not about conspiracy theories but about this awesome read. Solid is very exciting I was on pins and needles waiting to see what would happen next. I love how the relationships were built and how realistic they are. Having been raised in a military family I related to the characters. I could easily see myself being friends with each of them. One of the things I love most about this story is that it is clean. Some of the YA books out there are a little to "hot". There's romance but it's not towing the line between what's adult content and what isn't. This is a must read add it to your TBR list. I wonder what super-abilites will surface in Settling. We will be giving this title along with the next book in the series, Settling, later this week. So check back with us and enter to win. 


  1. Thanks for the review. Can't wait to see what you are giving in the giveaway.

  2. Great review :)
    This book sounds pretty interesting. I'll have to add it to my TBR pile.

  3. Hmmm... This book is sounding quite interesting. :) Nice review! Maybe I will add it to my TBR.

  4. It sounds like a good mystery and romance book to read.

  5. This is a very good book. Don't forget to enter the giveaway for a chance to win.

  6. Thank you for the sounds like a good book...

  7. Sounds like a SOLID READ. Dun dun, ch.

    Get it? Solid? I'm hilarious.

  8. Thanks for reminding me why I wanted to read this. Need to dig it out.

  9. It is definitely a little scary to wonder about the possibility of government involvement in our genetics and even not to hard to believe for the future :) Thank you for sharing about this interesting read today.