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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Review: Mush!: Sled dogs with Issues by Glenn Eichler

Title: Mush!: Sled Dogs With Issues
Author: Glenn Eichler
Illustrator: Joe Infurnari
Publication: December 6, 2011
Publisher: First second
Source: Library
Genre: Comic/Graphic Novel
Audience: 17 and up
Rating: 5 of 5


Synopsis: Venus wants Buddy to quit asking her to “make puppies.” Buddy wants Winston’s help wooing Venus. Winston wants Guy’s respect. Guy wants Dolly’s job. Dolly wants to know the meaning of it all. Nobody knows what Fiddler really wants, not even Fiddler. But mostly . . . these sled dogs just want to run.

Sounds simple? It should be, but even dogs have their office politics. Office politics with sharp, sharp teeth.

From Colbert Report writer Glenn Eichler and dogchanneling artist Joe “Fur” Infurnari comes a postmodern tale of heroism on the tundra, epic romance, and yellow snow. (Hint: don’t eat it.) Mush! is Arrested Development meets Call of the Wild—two great tastes that taste pretty funny together.

My Thoughts: Thank you to our own Page Turner for introducing me to comics. I have to admit I was pretty intimidated at the thought of reading and reviewing a comic/graphic novel. This is a great read, very entertaining. I was laughing so much while reading this. Each character is well developed and I was able to get a great feel for each dog. Venus is my favorite dog hands down. She keeps Buddy running around in circles as he tries to improve their "relationship." Buddy and Winston seem to be the butt of all the jokes and pranks. I see more comics/graphic novels in my future. 

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