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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Guest Post: Excerpt from the Burning Bush by Kenya Wright

This is Kenya Wright providing an exclusive section to Wanted Readers! The excerpt is from my book The Burning Bush (Book 2). I hope you all enjoy it!

(This is from the middle of Chapter 5)
Note: May be a little hot.
Zulu stepped into the shower, holding me close as I straddled him. My panties were still on, even though Zulu had been battling to get them off.

“I love you.” He pressed those soft lips on mine. “Only you can bring me from rage to lust in seconds.”

I put my arms around his neck. Zulu’s cords snaked out of his arms and came toward me. They caressed my skin, swirled down to my breasts, and teased the peaks. My hormones stirred. Damn, this feels so good. His magic tingled against my flesh, sending deep waves of pleasure through me. I could hardly catch my breath. Heat rose in my core like hot embers. I almost begged him to thrust the cords inside me.

Shaking my head, I murmured, “Put your magic away. No more claims.”

The enchanted cords backed away and retracted inch by inch into his arms.

“You’re being paranoid. My magic just likes to touch you,” he whispered.

“Well, last time it did, these showed up.” I gestured to the two white cords sewn into my right arm. Having the cords changed my life. His essence pulsed within them. Sometimes, in the middle of the night when he wasn’t around, I could feel him moving inside me like a ghost or spirit seeking to capture my soul.

“Is my claim so bad?” He tilted his head back and raised one blond eyebrow. “I only started it. I never finished it.”

Check out the rest of The Burning Bush (Book 2). Its available on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Kobo books.

Dark fantasy bestselling author Kenya Wright lives in Miami.


  1. I just (as in a few hours ago) finished book 1 and really enjoyed it. Reading this makes me look forward to book 2 even more.

  2. I love the cover and I cannot wait to read the book.