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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Audio Review: Colony by Scott Reeves

Title: Colony
Author: Scott Reeves
Narrator: Martin Scott
Publisher: Scott Reeves
Format: Unabridged Audio
Length: 4 hrs: 12 mins
Publication: September 28, 2012
Source: Publisher
Genre: Science Fiction

SynopsisIn the 13th century, Earth is dangerously overcrowded. To reduce the population, people are chosen by lottery and shipped off to the stars to colonize other solar systems. Shiploads of colonists are dropped off on unexplored worlds and left to their own devices.

Jorge Leever and Meesha Androva are the only survivors of one such failed attempt to colonize a distant planet. For 20 years, they've been alone, unable to communicate with Earth. Now, another cargo ship arrives and discharges a new group of would-be colonists.

Jorge and Meesha intend to guide the development of the new colony, since they've accumulated 20 years' worth of knowledge about the planet.

Bannock, a brutal, criminal slumlord back on Earth, has other plans. He intends to reestablish his crime syndicate on this fledgling colony world and eventually return to Earth as a conqueror. But Jorge and Meesha stand in his way.

My Thoughts: Jorge and Meesha were selected to populate a new planet, along with 48 others. 20 years have passed since they arrived and as the only survivors they are tasked with guiding the new influx of colonist. Jorge and Meesha have high hopes for their new home. They have envisioned it as a New Earth without all the pitfalls of Earth. As with all good books this will be no easy task for Jorge and Meesha.

All of the characters are well developed and easy to relate to.  Jorge is a bright, strong, and loyal character. He has a strong desire for the colony to succeed. Jorge interest lay in what is best for the colony. His experiences on earth have allowed him to be a good judge of character.

I truly enjoyed this intriguing story.  It is easy to see myself living in this future environment. The government of Scott Reeves future did not surprise me. There is adventure, mystery, and budding romances. My favorite part was finding out the true nature and power of the avian’s. I can easily envision this as a series there is so much more that can be explored.  The plot was a little rushed at the end; this did not take away from the story. 

This story is suited for an audio adaptation.  This is a single-voiced production. Martin Scott did an excellent job of distinguishing between the characters. The animation in Martin Scott voice during the production kept me engaged. Appropriate pace was maintained throughout. There are no interruptions in the plot. 

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  1. I'm not a huge sci-fi fan, but it sounds like a pretty good book.