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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Blueberry Girl

Author:  Neil Gaiman
Illustrator: Charles Vess
Title: Blueberry Girl
Publication: March 2009
Publisher: HarperCollins
Genre: Children
Pages: 32
Audience: 4 and up
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Public Library

 Goodreads Synopsis:
This is a prayer for a blueberry girl . . .
A much-loved baby grows into a young woman: brave, adventurous, and lucky. Exploring, traveling, bathed in sunshine, surrounded by the wonders of the world. What every new parent or parent-to-be dreams of for her child, what every girl dreams of for herself.

My thoughts:
I'm currently trying to read all of Neil Gaiman's published and readily available works. I have heard great things about Blueberry Girl and thought I would check it out. Neil Gaiman and Tori Amos are really good friends. He wrote this novel for Tori's daughter, Tash. It is a beautiful little poem about wishing the best for the little girl(s) in your life. It is really sweet. I think this would make a perfect gift for a baby shower, if the baby is a girl. I even think this would work as a great graduation gift. I am not a parents myself, but I am an aunt and I know I wish the best for my niece and for her to just be herself.
The artwork is lovely and it fits the book very well. It really brings a warm, springtime feeling to the book. A time of birth, rebirth, renewal. If you need a pick me up, a gift for a baby shower or graduation, I would recommend this book.


  1. Reading all of Neil Gaiman's books sounds awesome- he has so many great ones out. I didn't know he wrote anything for children *this* young, though. It sounds absolutely adorable :)

  2. Sounds enchanting:) Can't imagine Neil Gaiman being so sentimental, will have to check this one out!

  3. This sounds so cute and meaningful! The artwork is amazing:)

    Lovely review:)

  4. Great job explaining why you enjoyed this book. I wonder about his intended audience beginning at age 4.

  5. I have never heard of this author. Will have to try them.

  6. I'll have to check this one out. Since I'm such a big reader, I often give a book as a shower gift or at a similar function (first birthday/christmas, etc.). I would love to have a book that is a go to gift for such occasions!

  7. This sounds so cute. I have girls, so this is one I should probably find :)