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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Audio Review: Walking Disaster by Jamie McGuire

Title: Walking Disaster
Author: Jamie McGuire
Narrator: Dan Bittner
Publication: April 2, 2013
Publisher: Simon & Suhuster 
Format: Unabridged
Length: 11 hours and 26 minutes
Source: Publisher/Author
Genre: Romance
Audience: 17+

Synopsis: Finally, the highly anticipated follow-up to the New York Times bestseller Beautiful Disaster. 

Can you love someone too much?

Travis Maddox learned two things from his mother before she died: Love hard. Fight harder.

In Walking Disaster, the life of Travis is full of fast women, underground gambling, and violence. But just when he thinks he is invincible, Abby Abernathy brings him to his knees.

Every story has two sides. In Beautiful Disaster, Abby had her say. Now it’s time to see the story through Travis’s eyes.

My Thoughts: I really enjoyed this story as Travis is my favorite character from Beautiful Disaster. Seeing his point of view and getting a better understanding of his past really explained a lot for me. Travis is a strong character and the beginning of the story shows you why. At 3 years old Travis makes a promise to his dying mother. Travis is one to keep his promises at all cost. When Travis meets Abby its time to make good on that promise. 

I don't feel that it is necessary to read Beautiful Disaster before you read this as Walking Disaster is the same story but from Travis' point of view. Although, there are a few things that you didn't get to experience in the first book this is the better book. The epilogue is to die for. I would love to the story to continue where the epilogue left off. 

This is an unabridged single-voiced audio. The original work is appropriate for audio adaption. The narrator did a great job with the narration. It was easy to feel each emotion that Travis went through. Each character was differentiated by tone and inflection. Travis was made more interesting through Bittner's narration. Pacing was well maintained throughout the production and the plot flows without interruption.  

1 comment:

  1. I liked this book but I felt that it made Abby out to be even more unlikable in this (I don't like her). I would have been ok if the epilogue didn't exist.