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Friday, July 13, 2012

Batwoman Elegy

Author: Greg Ruka
Illustrator: J.H. Williams III
Title: Batwoman: Elegy
Publication: June 14, 2011
Publisher: D.C. Comics
Genre: Graphic Novel, Paranormal, Super Hero
Pages: 192
Audience: 17 and up
Rating: 5 out of 5
Source: Purchased

Goodreads Synopsis: 
 A new era begins as Batwoman is unleashed on Gotham City! Marked by the blood-red bat emblem, Kate Kane is a soldier fighting her own private war - one that began years ago and haunts her every waking moment. In this first tale, Batwoman battles a madwoman known only as Alice, inspired by Alice in Wonderland, who sees her life as a fairy tale and everyone around her as expendable extras!

Batwoman must stop Alice from unleashing a toxic death cloud over all of Gotham City -- but Alice has more up her sleeve than just poison, and Batwoman's life will never ever be the same again.

Also, witness the origin of Batwoman in the shocking and tragic story, in which young Kate Kane and her family are kidnapped by terrorists, and Kate's life - and the lives of her family - will never be the same

My thoughts:
This graphic novel was recommended to me. My boyfriend had been hanging out in the same comic book shop for a couple weeks, and I was bored and decided to ask the shop manager for a comic book suggestion. He asked what I wanted and I replied, "A strong, female character." He suggested Batwoman. I walked over to where he pointed, picked up the paperback graphic novel, went home, read it, and became a huge fan of Kate Kane/Batwoman.  I just want to point out that Kate Kane is a lesbian and there are a few images, even though they are not graphic in any way elude to a sex scene. I am a huge fan of Kate Kane she is just a bad ass super hero. She was discharged from West Point due to Don't Ask Don't Tell. She quotes the honor code, "A cadet shall not lie, cheat, or steal, no suffer others to do so." She wants to serve her country and be free to be herself. She leaves Westpoint being honest with her superior and herself. She goes back home and is trying to cope with having her dream of being in the military crushed. One night she is caught off guard and a guy attempts to mug her. Batman saves her, but when she looks up and sees the Bat signal, something inside her tells her she can serve the people of Gotham too. She can still serve her country. The only problem I have with her is she is like a female version of Batman. She is young, rich, parties, and has a couple of lovers. Besides that, she is an awesome character. The novel talks about a present mystery and it is really really weird with werewolves and stuff. The back story as to why Kate Kane is the way she is is really fascinating. Not only that, but the artwork is incredible. Looking at the cover in person, it looks like someone took and put fresh lipstick on her lips.The artwork is extremely detailed and beautiful. If you are looking for a comic book that has a really kick ass girl lead character, I strongly recommend Batwoman to you!

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