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Monday, July 16, 2012

Review: New Firsts by Diana Gallagher

Title: New Firsts
Author: Diana Gallagher
Publication: August 1, 2012
Publisher: Stone Arch Books
Source: Publisher via netgalley
Genre: Middle Grade
Audience: 9 and up

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Claudia and Monica are brand new freshmen at Pine Creek High, and they are finding that relationships sometimes change as you grow up--will high school pull them apart or will they remain best friends?

My Thoughts: This book is about Claudia and Monica's First week of High School. They are just starting 9th grade and nothing has prepared them for what's in store. Claudia and Monica have been best-friends for years. There are so many things that happen during this first week of school that will test their friendship. I could defiantly see myself reading this when i was younger. I put this right up there with the Babysitter's Club, I'm showing my age a little please forgive me. I think this is a fresh take on common issues kids face in high school. Claudia, Monica, and kids today face more challenges than I faced in High School. This new series gives them kids today a look at good solutions to the problems that they face. I'm going to pass this on to my niece, even though she thinks she is grown (13) to see what she thinks.


  1. Aww...this sounds like a cute book.

  2. I remember reading The Babysitter's Club books. I remember the TV shows/ TV movies they made for them too. This sounds cute. I will have to read it and then share it with my niece when she gets into high school. Sounds a bit like Lauren Myracle's TTYL.

  3. I always love coming of age books. This looks interesting... thanks for the review!