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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Review: Faith and the Camp Snob by Jen Jones

Title: Faith and the Camp Snob: #1
Author: Jen Jones
Publication: August 1, 2012 (reprint)
Publisher: Stone Arch Books
Source: Publisher via NetGalley
Genre: Middle Grade
Audience: 10 and up

Faith, the new girl, knows she's not the typical cheerleader. She's lanky, shy, and avoids the spotlight. When she goes to cheer camp, her snobby teammate stops at nothing to embarrass her. To shine on her new squad, Faith will have to learn to lean on her friends and believe in herself.

My Thoughts:  This is a very cute story.  Faith is new in town. She meets Gaby, who lives a few houses away, and is encouraged by Gaby and her mother to try out for the Cheerleading squad. Faith is really excited about being on the squad and going to cheer camp in July. The team doesn’t even get to leave for cheer camp before Ella lays in to Faith. Faith gets put in a situation where she must prove that she is one of the squad or the loser that Ella makes her out to be. I identify with Faith on so many levels. I was the shy new kid so many times. I also identify with being on a team with a b***h, I mean snob.  I think this is a great read.  This story shows how true friends behave and how to deal with bullies. I’m going to check out the other books in the series. 


  1. Sounds like a cute story with morals at the end. That's always good for kids in middle grade.

  2. "I also identify with being on a team with a b***h, I mean snob." HAHAHA! Yeah, I've been there and done that too. This sounds like something my niece could read and would enjoy and learn it is okay to be yourself. I think she understands that now, but it is always good to reinforce that in young people.

  3. This does sound like a cute, light- hearted read! I like the books that have a simple, daily and realistic story. :)