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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Review:Omega Child By G.S. Anderson

Title: Omega Child
Author: G.S. Anderson
Publication: October 29, 2011
Publisher: CreateSpace
Source: Purchased
Genre: Science Fiction
Audience: 10 and up

Amazon Summary In the summer of 2012 an alien from the Alpha Centauries star system came to visit earth. Her people were the most powerful of aliens known to earth's governments; the Omega class. She befriended Jennifer and her friends and showed them many wonders. They visited the planets of our solar system and the different countries of our world, but she made the mistake of showing them the part of our world that no one was supposed to see. Now they must fight together, a battle they must win or have their eyes closed forever.

My Thoughts: This is a very quick read; perfect for children. This is the story of an Alien that comes to earth and befriends a group of girls. Jennifer and her friends (Nicole, Tiffany, Amanda, Thao) are enjoying their summer together. While at a sleepover Jennifer is woken up by a thunderstorm and then sees what she believes is a ghost outside. The next day, Jennifer notices a puppy following her. It doesn't have a collar so she takes him home and names him Mikoe. Strange things begin to happen immediately after this new puppy comes into the family. As Jennifer is preparing for bed one night Mikoe changes from a cute little puppy into the little girl she had seen outside during the sleepover. After the initial shock Jennifer befriends the alien and decides to call her Angelica. Angelica has broken the laws of her land by revealing herself. A chase and battle ensue. You must read this to find out how everything pans out but I'm sure you will enjoy it. My only complaint is that the story left me confused at times (where are they now, and how did they get there). I would love to see more detail in future editions. I do love this story and I am looking forward to reading more from this author.


  1. Sounds interesting. I might see if my niece would like to read it. Sounds like something she would enjoy. She would be sad about the alien changing from a puppy. She loves animals.

  2. This sounds unique and the cover makes me curious.