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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Warrior Rising by P.C. Cast

Author: P.C. Cast
Title: Warrior Rising
Publication: May 6th, 2008
Publisher: Berkley Trade
Genre: Romance
Rating: 5 out 5
Synopsis:  The Goddesses have had it with the Trojan War. So much devastation all because of some silly male egos. The worst of the bunch is that cocky, handsome brute Achilles. But the only way to stop a man like Achilles is to distract him with something far more pleasurable than combat?

Enter Kat, a modern girl from Tulsa, Oklahoma. The Goddesses transform her into a Trojan princess, having no doubt that she?ll capture Achilles?s attention. But can her independent spirit match the unquenchable fire of his epic rage? Goddess only knows?

Thoughts: P.C. Cast steals my breath away. I have not started her YA series, but her adult writings... *shivers*. One of my favorite book of hers is Warrior Rising. It's based on the famous Greek Trojan War. It's the 6th book to the Goddess Summoning series -- which you don't have to read in order, they're all separate stories -- and in my opinion of the hottest. You follow 31 year old Kat who gets sucked into an 18 year old body. She's supposed to stop Achilles from advancing the war. This is where my personal preference comes in: Hard, moody, sexy, troubled man who's actually sweet and innocent. You see a different side to him, and he's someone you'll grow feelings for too. I seriously want to lick him from head to toe. (Is that a little much? Maybe.) The cover I provided you with is an alternative cover. There are two, but I find this one to have more abs and he's carrying a big sword, which shows the masculinity of him. Thus, this cover is chosen and I'll come back to oogle as many times as I can.

Kat is independent, fierce, smart, and extremely caring. She's the type of person you want to have as a friend. Both of them together are a perfect match. He's the big testosterone warrior, and she softens him. The plot has a good pace, it's not slow or boring. It's definitely a book for someone who wants a step above YA, so please don't read if you're not ready for romance to go in depth.


  1. I think I may want to lick the cover myself. I may have to get this book and hide it from my boyfriend, and find time to read it in private!

  2. I have read a few of her books but have not had the chance to read this one. Will definitely give it a go. Thanks for the great review!

  3. I have read her House of Night series and enjoyed it, but have not had the chance to check out any of her adult books. This piques my interest, though. Greek mythology, romance, and a hot man on the cover! ;)

  4. I know I am one of seemingly few who has enjoyed the House of Night series, but I have. I have not however, read any of her adult books. I think I might should try it out. Thanks so much for the awesome review.